Nurturing Our Future Leaders

The MAITRIPA RABJUNGMA COMMUNITY is dedicated to the empowerment of Buddhist women into service and leadership through an education based in scholarship, meditation, and service within a monastic and practice-based community.

Affiliated with Maitripa College in Portland, Oregon, and situated at Tara Farms in nearby Corbett, this experiential program will include a three year period of monastic ordination and training (with options to extend that timeframe). During this time, the “nuns-in-training” will learn and be supported in offering Buddhist spiritual care for the community on the basis of the integration of Mahayana Buddhist philosophy, with a focus on an in-depth and living practice of the bodhisattva vows, lojong (thought transformation techniques), and deep meditation practice.

Our first step is a 2024 Summer Intensive to draw Buddhist women to a two week training retreat to see if the longer program might be a good fit. This will be a rich and dynamic period of training to support their Buddhist practice in whatever form it takes. Use the contact form below to let us know your interest and support and watch this space for updates!


The philosophical basis of the Maitripa Rabjungma Community is Mahayana Tibetan Buddhism, through the three pillars of Service, Meditation, and Scholarship.  The education of the Community will, in particular, be rooted in the intention to serve, practical training in lojong (thought transformation), and a strong practice ethos.

We are developing the following programs with dual aspirations in relationship to community:

First, the inner life of the nuns-in-training will be one of seeking to deepen their bodhichitta practice through community connection, group spiritual practice, and service to the land and those who inhabit it. The Maitripa Rabjungma Community offers a tangible way for this to become reality in the lived experience of practitioners.

Second, the interdependence of the fourfold sangha as taught by Shakyamuni Buddha will continue to take shape and form through this project, inspired by the words of Buddha to his cousin and attendant, Ānanda, “This is the entire holy life, Ānanda, that is, good friendship, good companionship, good comradeship.” ~Upaddhasutta

On this basis of a formal practice of ethics, the Maitripa Rabjungma nuns-in-training will undergo a rigorous program of study and practice, beginning with training in Buddhist philosophy, meditation, and service as presented in the Maitripa College curriculum, enhanced with further in-depth study and practice under the guidance and direction of Yangsi Rinpoche and Bhikshuni Lozang Yönten, among others.

(photo: Yangsi Rinpoche and Venerable Yönten in the Maitripa College Jokhang Meditation Hall)

In addition to traditional Buddhist training and practice, the nuns-in-training will learn competencies to help support their communities and the world, including pedagogy, Buddhist spiritual care, meditation and ritual support, and support for the healing arts. They will also learn techniques of self-care in order to enable lifelong dharma practice and service, and will cultivate and explore a connection with the earth as a lived understanding of interdependence and sustainability.

(photo: Tara Farms in Corbett, Oregon, home of the Tara Rabjungma Community project)


We are currently consulting with Buddhist teachers, senior monastics, experienced practitioners, scholars, and textual sources to determine processes for application to the Maitripa Rabjungma Community and pre-requisites to such a commitment. Information on our findings, process, and our next steps will be available here shortly. Please use the form below to stay in touch.


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We are in the seminal stages of developing this community, and support at all levels is welcome and needed. Please send us a message by using the form above to let us know how you might be willing and able to help.